PSABE Annual National Convention 2024

GRAINSCO has actively engaged in the PSABE Convention for two consecutive years, appreciating the Philippine Society of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineers. PSBE pioneers agricultural solutions and is a vital collaborator in enhancing agricultural innovations in the Philippines.

PSABE 2024 began with a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by Hon. Cynthia Villar and Hon. Francisco P. Tiu Laurel Jr. highlighted the event’s importance and their dedication to strengthening the agricultural sector.

One highlight of the convention was the launch of the exhibit, featuring GRAINSCO as one of the major exhibitors. GRAINSCO exhibited new machinery, rice milling, and drying facilities, aiming to introduce innovative solutions to enhance agricultural productivity and efficiency.

During the exhibition, attendees were impressed by the DJI Agriculture T40 drone’s display, size, sleek design, and impressive features. GRAINSCO is promoting spraying drones in the Philippines to improve efficiency and reduce costs, a modern approach that fits the needs of the agricultural industry.

GRAINSCO’s active involvement in the PSABE 2024 Convention reflects its dedication to driving agricultural innovation in the Philippines and promoting sustainable and effective farming methods.

Congratulations PSABE!

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