BAUER Rainstars Increase the Corn Harvest

The BAUER Rainstars also deliver noticeable benefits across the Philippine islands. In Isabela province, they have significantly increased yields at the Aurora farm for the past three years.

Isabela, located in the north of Luzon, the main island, is the country’s second-largest province. There, Richard Tan, the owner of Aurora Premium Cattle Inc., chose to buy three Rainstars T32 during the pandemic. A strong will always finds a way: Joel Chan, the Managing Director of the BAUER dealership GRAINSCO in Manila, led the team that handled everything from the initial customer contact to the installation instructions digitally and successfully.

Aurora Premium Cattle Inc. houses 1200 cattle, all Brahman and Brahman crosses from Australia. Richard Tan, the owner of the farm, also serves as President of the Isabela Suerte Rice Mill Corporation, the largest and most modern rice mill in the Philippines. The island archipelago primarily cultivates rice, sugar cane, and corn, with almost half of its land dedicated to agriculture.

Corn also grows on the 60-hectare Aurora farm, where three BAUER Rainstars 75300 T32 handle the irrigation. The farm’s sandy and loamy soils require a precipitation rate of about 10 to 25 mm, varying with the plants’ growth phase. Workers operate the three machines for 10 to 12 consecutive days, both day and night, using proven BAUER FAMOS water pumps to feed the Rainstars.

Despite high temperatures, three corn harvests occur annually; post-harvest, the corn becomes silage, feeding the farm’s cattle. Three harvests per year are typical: dry season (January to March), rainy season (June to October), and one in-between. Irrigation is essential, especially for the first two harvests, as it is very dry and hot from January to May. Temperatures can often reach 40 degrees Celsius. The farm operators are now happy about a significant reduction in workload. Rainstar T32 is more efficient than simple surface irrigation, as it can irrigate a larger area in a short time.

If you ask farm manager Alejandro Charlito what he thinks of the BAUER Rainstars, he really gets into raptures. “Since we’ve been using the T machines, the plants are much stronger and grow more evenly,” he says. Yields are up to 40 percent higher than before when we irrigated with flooding.”

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