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Nogueira VMN-5.5 vertical mixer features stainless steel sides that are 5mm thick, making it highly resistant to corrosion and wear. This durability extends its useful life and minimizes the need for repairs and maintenance.

They feature a vertical thread with 9 blades and 2 counter blades, offering 5 configurations for improved efficiency in fiber cutting and mixture uniformity. This reduces waste in the trough and increases meat consumption and productivity or milk.

VMN-5.5 NOGUEIRA Vertical Mixer Farm Equipment

NOGUEIRA VMN-5.5 Vertical Mixer

Equipped with a powerful motor and precision mixing augers, the NOGUEIRA VMN-5.5 vertical mixer is great at mixing different kinds of feed ingredients, like grains, forages, supplements, and additives. Its upright structure ensures even and consistent mixing, creating a well-rounded and healthy feed for livestock.

One of the standout features of the NOGUEIRA VMN-5.5 is its capacity. With a generous mixing volume, farmers can efficiently prepare large quantities of feed, making it suitable for both small-scale and commercial operations. This adaptability allows farmers to meet the nutritional needs of their animals with ease.

Ease of use and comfort for the operator is key for the NOGUEIRA VMN-5.5. Its design includes a simple control panel and an easy interface, allowing operators to easily set mixing times and ratios. This saves time and helps maintain consistent feed quality, benefiting the health and efficiency of livestock.

Additionally, this vertical mixer is made to last through daily tasks. Its strong build and quality parts are designed for long-term use, cutting down on repair costs and idle time.

The NOGUEIRA VMN-5.5 is a vertical mixer with a powerful mixing system, generous capacity, user-friendly design, and robust construction making it an invaluable asset for farmers seeking to improve the efficiency and quality of their feed preparation processes. NOGUEIRA’s dedication to excellence in agricultural machinery is evident in the VMN-5.5, making it a trusted choice for livestock and poultry farmers worldwide, striving to provide nutritious and well-mixed feed for their animals.

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