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Husk Furnace with Heat Exchanger

The GRAINPRO UF-SERIES husk furnace with heat exchanger by Grainpro is a processing machine that enhances drying operations with eco-efficiency.

  • Cheap & clean renewable energy
  • Automatic feeding
  • Ash screw transport system
  • Primary air pre-heating and cooling system
  • Primary and secondary air control
  • Fuels: shredded cobs or rice husk


The GRAINPRO husk furnace with heat exchanger UF-SERIES offers an innovative and eco-friendly solution for generating heat efficiently using rice husks. Agricultural processing, especially in rice mills where rice husk is a common by-product, primarily uses this series. The UF-SERIES recycles this agricultural waste into a valuable energy source, promoting sustainability and reducing waste.

The GRAINPRO UF-SERIES lasts and works efficiently because it uses high-quality materials that ensure strong build and steady performance. The rice husk furnace generates heat efficiently, which a heat exchanger applies to various farming processes. This environmentally friendly approach saves energy and reduces carbon emissions.

The UF-SERIES uses rice husks as fuel, which is cost-effective and provides high heat output. This efficient burning process gets the most energy from the husks, making it a good option for many farm operations.

The UF-SERIES is designed for ease of use and maintenance. The system includes user-friendly controls and is engineered for straightforward operation and maintenance, reducing downtime and ensuring smooth operation. This user-centric design is particularly beneficial in agricultural settings where ease of use and reliability are crucial.

Safety is key in the design of the GRAINPRO husk furnace with heat exchanger. It has safety features to protect workers and the facility, meeting strict safety rules. These features create a safe workplace, which is crucial in any industrial environment.

The GRAINPRO UF-SERIES is an indispensable tool in the agricultural sector for rice processing. This husk furnace offers a cost-effective, efficient, user-friendly, and secure way of using rice husks as an energy source. It represents a groundbreaking agricultural waste management system that supports sustainable and energy-conserving practices.

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