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LAMICO Sample Rice Whitener

  • Lamico TM200 Sample Rice Whitener​ is small, nice, user-friendly, and used for whitening rice samples at a set-up time.
  • Smooth running, so it can be put on a table, the power source is single-phase 220V.
  • The sample weight of each working time is from (50÷150)g, equivalent time is (20÷50)s.
  • The material box has 3 chambers: with rice chamber in the middle, and 2 bran chambers on both sides.
  • Milling speed is reasonable, ensuring no bran left.
  • Simple maintenance, cleaning inside the milling chamber by running the machine in idle mode and using a brush to clean the bran.
  • The lifespan of stone and screen is high.
  • Machine power: 0.75kW
LAMICO TM200 Sample Rice Whitener

LAMICO TM200 Sample Rice Whitener

The LAMICO TM200 sample rice whitener is an advanced machine that facilitates quality control and R&D in the rice industry. It replicates industrial rice mills’ whitening and polishing processes to enable accurate testing and analysis of rice samples.

The TM200 whitens and polishes small batches of rice, making sure the samples closely resemble the final polished rice. This precision is crucial for rice producers, researchers, and quality control teams who need to assess and compare the quality of different rice types, milling processes, and polishing methods.

The machine has adjustable settings, letting users change the whitening and polishing parameters to fit specific needs. This flexibility is useful for research and development, where scientists and engineers can tweak the process to improve rice quality.

The LAMICO TM200 is also known for being consistent and repeatable. It provides reliable results, making it a key tool for thorough tests and experiments. This dependability is essential for maintaining quality standards in the rice industry, ensuring that consumers receive high-quality rice products.

The equipment features intuitive controls and an easy-to-navigate interface, making it user-friendly. Operators can quickly and efficiently perform tests and get accurate results. Its compact, space-saving design also makes it a good fit for laboratories of various sizes.

The LAMICO TM200 Sample Rice Whitener is a must-have tool for the rice industry. Its accuracy, customizable settings, consistency, and easy-to-use interface make it invaluable for rice researchers, quality control teams, and anyone working on the development and testing of rice products. This leads to the production of high-quality rice for consumers.

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