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Meet the SPARK PRO.

A revolution in simple, reliable performance. Buhler Spark Pro is our easiest-to-use and most affordable color sorter ever. With zero spillage design to prevent material waste.

BUHLER SPARK Pro Color Sorter
BUHLER SPARK Pro Color Sorter

The benefits for you.

  • Simple operation for expert results.
  • Available in flexible sizing with up to 10 chutes.
  • One machine solution for all applications.
  • Zero spillage concept to avoid product losses.
  • Bühler developed HD full colour cameras.
  • DynamoAi, a newly developed sorting engine.
  • 2x more light with full spectrum LED lightning.
  • Five times faster setup due to “Hue Saturation Value”.
  • Multiple commodity. From grains and pulses to rice, coffee or spices.
  • Added an infrared camera for hard-to-remove foreign materials like glass and plastic.

Buhler Spark Pro Color Sorter

The Buhler Spark Pro color sorter is an advanced sorting system built for various food materials, including grains, beans, seeds, and nuts. It uses modern camera and illumination technology to accurately identify and eliminate undesirable objects based on color variations. The equipment is extremely effective and is capable of processing enormous quantities of product with great accuracy. This guarantees that only products of the highest quality reach the market, thereby increasing the value of your production.

The main feature of the Buhler Spark Pro color sorter is its effect on product quality and safety. Successfully eliminating foreign materials and damaged components reduces the danger of contamination. This not only fulfills the strict criteria set by food safety regulations, but it also increases customer pleasure. More importantly, its sorting effectiveness decreases waste while increasing production, leading to more sustainable manufacturing techniques. The sorter features a user-friendly, intuitive interface that simplifies operation and eliminates the need for extensive training.

The Spark Pro is durable and easy to maintain. Its sturdy structure assures long-term dependability, especially in the harsh settings of food processing factories. The sorter’s flexible layout facilitates cleaning and maintenance, while its small size makes it ideal for establishments with limited space. On top of that, the most recent upgrades feature better software algorithms that improve sorting accuracy and flexibility for various sorts of products.

If you want to improve your sorting processes, the Buhler Spark Pro Color Sorter is a smart investment. Its advanced features and reliable performance translate directly into higher product quality, and increased operational efficiency. For additional information on our products and purchasing options, please get in touch with us.

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