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Rice Separator

Lamico separating tray separates broken rice by a hole sieve.

LAMICO Separating Tray

Lamico Separating Tray

The Lamico separating tray separates and sorts various agricultural products, especially grains, seeds, and small particles. It plays an essential role in agricultural research labs, seed testing facilities, and quality control departments in the agricultural and food processing industries. This tray enables efficient and accurate sample separation based on size, shape, and other physical features.

The Separating Tray, constructed from high-grade materials, offers durability and strength for reliable performance in a laboratory setting. Its user-friendly design is practical and efficient, saving space in typically crowded laboratories. The tray has a series of compartments and surfaces that help separate samples effectively.

The Separating Tray enables the segregation of samples into different fractions, ensuring that each portion accurately represents specific characteristics of the sample. This precision is critical in providing accurate data for analysis, research, and quality control purposes.

The device is also designed for ease of use. Its intuitive design allows laboratory personnel to quickly understand and utilize the tray, making the separation process straightforward and time-efficient. This is particularly beneficial in settings where rapid processing of multiple samples is necessary.

Moreover, this tray is designed with safety and maintenance in mind. Its construction includes features that minimize the risk of accidents, aligning with standard laboratory safety protocols. The tray’s design also ensures easy cleaning and maintenance, contributing to its longevity and consistent performance.

The LAMICO Separating Tray is a vital tool in agricultural and food science research. Its precision, ease of use, space efficiency, safety, and low maintenance make it ideal for sorting a wide range of agricultural samples accurately. It ensures quality assessments are based on representative sample portions.

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