• S-SERIES NDECO Feed Mixer Farm Equipment Play
  • S-SERIES NDECO Feed Mixer Farm Equipment
  • S-SERIES NDECO Feed Mixer Farm Equipment
  • S-SERIES NDECO Feed Mixer Farm Equipment
  • S-SERIES NDECO Feed Mixer Farm Equipment


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Single Auger

The NDECO S-Series feed mixer is a smaller economical single auger side door mixer, yet highly configurable to suit your operation. It features a simpler design with fewer moving parts. The aggressive full-flighted auger is driven by either a 540 or 1000 RPM multi-stage planetary gearbox. Several industry exclusive carbide knife options are available.

S-SERIES NDECO Feed Mixer Farm Equipment

Key Features

  • Side Door Mixers ranging in capacity from 330 to 575 cubic feet
  • Right or Left side Discharge – with a chute or 3′ to 9′ long conveyors to reach any type of bunk.
  • Process bales and long stem forages easily with either of our patented knife options: 24″ Curved
  • Carbide or the Serrated Carbide Knife.
  • 540 or 1000 RPM Multi-Stage Planetary specifically engineered for high peak torque capacities in Mixers.
  • Solid Single or Walking Tandem Axle and wide Implement Tire option
  • Heavy duty fully tubed frame, guaranteeing unparalleled stability and reliability
  • All S Series mixers are available in a stationary form.
  • All ‘L’ model mixers offer a lower loading height of around 100″ making loading with a skid steer possible.


The NDECO S-Series feed mixer features an advanced mixing system. It has carefully designed augers and paddles that guarantee an even and comprehensive mixing of different feed components. Farmers can easily mix grains, forages, supplements, and additives, creating a balanced diet that supports animal well-being, growth, and output.

The S-Series feed mixer features its versatility. Farmers can choose from a range of models and sizes to suit their specific needs, whether they are small-scale operations or large commercial farms. This adaptability allows farmers to efficiently customize feed recipes, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.

The S-SERIES feed mixer is also known for its user-friendly design. The intuitive control panel and automation features make it easy for operators to set mixing times and ratios, reducing the need for manual oversight and ensuring consistent feed quality. This not only saves time but also improves the overall efficiency of the feeding process.

The S-SERIES feed mixer is constructed with high-quality materials and components, built to withstand the demands of daily use on the farm. This focus on longevity translates to a lower total cost of ownership for farmers.

The NDECO S-Series is an advanced mixing system, whose versatility, user-friendly design, and durability make it an essential tool for livestock and poultry farmers looking to provide their animals with nutritious and balanced diets. NDECO’s commitment to excellence in agricultural machinery is evident in the S-SERIES feed mixer, making it a trusted choice for farmers worldwide striving for healthier and more productive livestock.

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