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LAMICO Rotary Sifter

  • The Lamico RS SERIES rotary sifter structure is from a number of sieves that are piled up together (self-cleaning by rubber ball) and move on the horizontal direction to separate materials into 2, 3, or 4 kinds of product.
  • Simple structure, easy to assemble/disassemble and to replace.
  • It has a counterweight so the adjustment is easy and correct.
  • The amplitude may adjust from 20mm to 40mm


The LAMICO Rice Machines rotary sifter RS SERIES is its advanced rotary sifting technology to separate impurities from rice grains with precision and effectiveness. This ensures high-quality and consistent rice that meets global food market standards. The RS SERIES is a vital tool for maintaining rice quality and is a testament to LAMICO’s commitment to improving rice processing methods.

The RS SERIES Rotary Sifter is a highly adaptable machine, capable of handling various grades and varieties of rice. This allows rice millers to easily adjust to the ever-changing demands of the market.

Efficiency is at the forefront of the design of the LAMICO Rice Machines Rotary Sifter RS SERIES. Engineered for high-capacity processing, it sifts large volumes of rice swiftly and effectively. This efficiency is vital for meeting the high demand in the global rice market, optimizing operational costs, and enhancing the profitability of rice milling operations.

Sustainability is also a fundamental aspect of the RS SERIES’s design philosophy. In line with LAMICO’s commitment to environmental responsibility, the rotary sifter is designed to maximize resource utilization and minimize waste. This promotes environmentally conscious rice production and contributes to the worldwide initiative for a responsible food system.

The LAMICO Rice Machines Rotary Sifter RS SERIES is a notable advancement in rice processing technology. Its combination of sophisticated sifting technology, versatility, high efficiency, and commitment to sustainability makes it a crucial tool for modern rice millers.

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