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LAMICO Rice Polisher

  • The design of the LAMICO RP SERIES Rice Polisher relies on friction between the rice and other parts in the polishing chamber. It uses atomized water to remove bran from the rice’s surface and make it shinier.
  • Automatically opens the feeding valve as materials is full and automatically closes as materials is empty or in case of emergency.
  • The water spray system automatically opens when the material enters the friction chamber and closes when out of materials.
  • Bran peeling rate: 5%, low broken rate.
  • After passing the machine, the finished rice has high whiteness and shininess.
  • The machine’s structure is strong and sturdy, with carefully balanced moving parts.
  • The Rice Polisher can process parboiled rice and green beans.


The Rice Polisher RP SERIES is a flexible and super-efficient machine carefully designed for the different needs of the rice milling industry. It has a key part in making rice look better and improving its quality by polishing the surface, giving you top-grade polished rice grains.

The RP SERIES gently removes any leftover bran and dirt while keeping the rice’s important nutrients. This careful process makes sure the rice looks clean and still has all its key vitamins and minerals.

The RP SERIES is built to be easy to use, with simple controls that make it easier to operate and adjust settings, boosting overall efficiency. Its sturdy build ensures it lasts longer and needs less maintenance, which cuts down on downtime and running costs.

The RP SERIES shows Lamico’s focus on sustainability. By improving the rice polishing process and reducing grain waste, it makes rice milling more efficient and eco-friendly.

The LAMICO Rice Machines Rice Polisher RP SERIES helps rice millers produce high-quality polished rice while improving their workflow. Lamico’s commitment to new ideas and quality is clear in the RP SERIES, making it a must-have for businesses aiming to meet the high standards of modern rice processing.

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