• Rollant 520 CLAAS Baler Farm Equipment Play
  • Rollant 520 CLAAS Baler Farm Equipment
  • Rollant 520 CLAAS Baler Farm Equipment
  • Rollant 520 CLAAS Baler Farm Equipment
  • Rollant 520 CLAAS Baler Farm Equipment
  • Rollant 520 CLAAS Baler Farm Equipment
  • Rollant 520 CLAAS Baler Farm Equipment
  • Rollant 520 CLAAS Baler Farm Equipment
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More robust than ever.

Robustness and reliability under the toughest operating conditions have made the CLAAS ROLLANT 520 the best-selling silage baler in the world. Reinforced rollers, intelligent chain lubrication and the optional MAXIMUM PRESSURE SYSTEM (MPSII) in the tailgate ensure that it stays that way.

Rollant 520 CLAAS Baler Farm Equipment

The benefits for you.

  • 14 knives
  • Hydraulic ROTO REVERSE
  • Net wrapping or twine tying
  • Up to 150 bar baling pressure
  • Pick-up with baffle plate or roller crop press
  • Optional: MPS II


The CLAAS ROLLANT 520 is a highly efficient and reliable solution for modern farming needs. This baler, designed by CLAAS, exemplifies innovation and quality in agricultural machinery. This baler machine is specifically engineered to deliver high-density, perfectly shaped bales, a crucial aspect for efficient storage and transportation. The CLAAS baler farm equipment showcases advanced technology, ensuring durability and ease of use, which are vital for farmers globally.

The ROLLANT 520 has its superior bale density. CLAAS has equipped this baler with cutting-edge technology to ensure consistent bale shape and size, which is crucial for handling and storage. This baler’s efficient operation reduces the time and effort required in the field, making it a valuable asset for farmers.

Furthermore, this farm equipment is versatile and adaptable to various crop types. This flexibility is a testament to CLAAS’s understanding of diverse farming needs. The ROLLANT 520 can handle a range of materials, from hay and straw to silage, with ease, maintaining its efficiency and reliability.

CLAAS’s commitment to excellence is evident in the ROLLANT 520’s robust design. This baler is built to withstand the challenging conditions of the field, making it a long-lasting investment for any agricultural operation. The CLAAS ROLLANT 520 features a user-friendly interface, allowing operators to easily manage its functions and settings. This enhances the overall efficiency and productivity of the baling process.

The CLAAS ROLLANT 520 baler represents a top-selling baling technology. Its robust design, advanced features, and ease of use make it an indispensable tool for farmers. The ROLLANT 520 not only meets but exceeds the expectations in agricultural baling, reinforcing CLAAS’s reputation as a leader in the field of agricultural machinery.

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