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LAMICO Sample Paddy Husker

  • The Lamico RH5M Sample Paddy Husker uses for husking chaff out of paddy.
  • Husking efficiency to 90%.
  • Low broken rate < 5%.
  • Using 2 rubber rolls, it is easy to replace and to assemble/disassemble.
  • Power source is single phase 220V.
  • Belt drive so it work smooth, it is easy to replace and to maintain.
  • It is small, nice, and user-friendly.
LAMICO RH5M Sample Paddy Husker

Lamico RH5M Sample Paddy Husker

The LAMICO RH5M sample puddy husker is a specialized instrument designed for husking and processing paddy samples in laboratory settings. Its primary function is to facilitate the conversion of paddy into rice, ensuring the process is efficient, consistent, and replicable for analytical purposes. This husker is particularly useful in agricultural research, quality control in milling industries, and educational institutions focusing on agronomy and food technology.

The RH5M husker is capable of husking small quantities of paddy with minimal breakage, ensuring the integrity of the rice grains. This precision is crucial for laboratory analyses where accurate results are paramount. Additionally, the husker’s design minimizes the loss of sample, which is especially important when working with limited quantities.

Ease of use is another significant feature of the RH5M. Its user-friendly interface allows operators to quickly understand and utilize the machine, even with minimal training. The maintenance requirements are relatively low, contributing to its efficiency and longevity in a laboratory setting.

The RH5M also boasts safety features. Its design includes safeguards to protect the operator, such as automatic shut-off mechanisms in case of a malfunction. This focus on safety is essential in a laboratory environment where operator well-being is a priority.

Constructed with robust materials, the RH5M is engineered for durability and reliability. It features a compact design, making it suitable for laboratories with limited space. The device operates on a straightforward principle: paddy samples are fed into a husking chamber where they are processed by rubber rollers. These rollers are adjustable, allowing the husker to accommodate different varieties and sizes of paddy.

The LAMICO RH5M Sample Puddy Husker is an essential tool in the agricultural sector. Its combination of efficiency, precision, user-friendliness, safety features, and compact design makes it an invaluable asset for paddy processing in various research and quality control settings.

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