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LAMICO RH SERIES is a paddy husker with high-performance processing machine that offers efficient husking and precise processing capabilities.

  • It uses husking chaff out of paddy.
  • There is a cooling fan for rubber roller, so working efficiency of rolling rubber increases.
  • Easy to assemble/disassembled or to replace rubber rollers.
  • Auto-pressing of rubber rolls by hanging weight structure.
  • Driving by belt, so it works smoothly and easy for replacing and maintaining.
  • Especially, two shafts of rubber roller are put in tilt and combine with grain guiding chute.
  • Husking efficiency > 90%
  • Broken rate < 3%
  • Low cost of power.
  • Low cost of rubber roller
LAMICO RH SERIES Paddy Husker Processing Machine


The LAMICO RH SERIES paddy husker is an advanced rice processing machine designed by LAMICO to remove the husk from paddy grains. It represents a significant breakthrough in agricultural machinery, showcasing LAMICO’s commitment to innovation, quality, and efficiency, and setting new standards in rice milling operations.

The RH SERIES uses sophisticated husking technology to gently and effectively remove husks from rice grains. This paddy husker process ensures high-quality rice that meets global food market standards.

The LAMICO RH SERIES is capable of handling various types of paddy, adapting to different rice varieties and processing requirements. This adaptability is crucial for rice millers aiming to cater to diverse market demands and maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving food industry.

The LAMICO RH SERIES is equipped for high-capacity processing, quickly and effectively husking large volumes of paddy. This efficiency is crucial for meeting the high demand in the global rice market, optimizing operational costs, and boosting profitability for rice millers.

Sustainability is also a core element of the RH SERIES’s design philosophy. In line with LAMICO’s commitment to environmental responsibility, designers have built the husker to minimize waste and maximize yield, enhancing sustainable rice production practices. This focus on sustainability helps reduce the environmental impact of rice processing and supports a more efficient and responsible global food system.

The LAMICO RH Series is a highly innovative technology for rice processing. It provides advanced husking options, flexibility, high efficiency, and a sustainable approach for modern rice millers. This paddy husker demonstrates LAMICO’s dedication to providing high-quality, eco-friendly solutions in the rice processing industry.

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