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Crawler Cultivator

The PHAN TAN PT-KX is a versatile 2 in 1 tractor featuring a standard 3-point suspension structure, allowing it to accommodate a variety of attachments like tilling platforms, plow platforms, waterline dredging machines, field embankment machines, and manure spreaders. Notably, the Phan crawler tractor also excels at transporting agricultural products and other supplies.

  • Anti-rust with a powder coating, high durability and reliability.
  • Designed with standard 3-point hook mechanism, easy to change many different farm tools.
  • Farming tool lifting system with 1-way hydraulic cylinder, helping farm tools self-lift when encountering obstacles.
  • Easy working on the dry, wet and muddy field with the self-propelled rubber tracks.
PHAN TAN PT-KX 2 in 1 Tractor

PHAN TAN PT-KX 2 in 1 Tractor

The PHAN TAN PT-KX features a powerful tractor with various attachments, positioning it as a versatile workhorse for any field task. As a 2 in 1 tractor, it offers enough horsepower for diverse tasks such as plowing, planting, harvesting, and transportation. Its flexibility allows farmers to efficiently run their agricultural operations and boost productivity.

PHAN TAN PT-KX has ability to switch between various attachments seamlessly. Whether it’s a plow, a planter, a harvester, or a trailer, this 2-in-1 tractor can be quickly configured to suit the specific task at hand. This versatility eliminates the need for multiple specialized machines, saving both time and money for farmers.

Operator comfort and ease of use rank as top priorities for the PHAN TAN PT-KX. This 2 in 1 tractor, designed with ergonomics in mind, offers a spacious and comfortable workspace for operators during extended fieldwork. Its intuitive controls and user-friendly interface allow operators to easily and precisely manage the tractor and its various attachments.

Furthermore, the PT-KX can handle the demands of daily agricultural tasks. Its sturdy build and high-quality components, designed for durability and long life, minimize maintenance costs and downtime.

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