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Self-propelled Straw Baler

The NOIP OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY SOLUTION NO. 1494 awarded the PHAN TAN PT-CR57.1 straw baler machine, under decision number: 10490/QD_SHTT, dated 21/02/2017. This self-propelled machine runs on a rubber track and features a straw container. Once the bucket fills up, the operator transports the straw to a collection point and uses the hydraulic lever to unload it. The machine navigates easily across various terrains, including wet and muddy ones. Beyond rolling and transporting straw, it also serves as a vehicle for moving agricultural products in the field.

  • Easy collecting straw with an in-front header.
  • Easy working on the dry, wet and muddy field with the self-propelled rubber tracks.
  • Suitable for carrying bales and other agricultural products with a container at the back.
  • Compacted straw bales for easily handling and transporting.
PHAN TAN PT-CR57.1 Straw Baler Farm Equipment

PHAN TAN PT-CR57.1 Straw Baler

The PHAN TAN PT-CR57.1 is a straw baler equipped with high-quality components, this machine excels in compressing loose straw into compact, easily manageable bales. Its precision engineering ensures consistent bale density, which is essential for efficient storage and transportation.

This PHAN TAN PT-CR57.1 straw baler has a design that incorporates intuitive controls and a straightforward interface, allowing operators to set baling parameters with ease. This simplicity not only saves time but also ensures that operators of varying experience levels can efficiently operate the machine.

The PT-CR57.1 also offers versatility. Farmers can customize the bale size to meet their specific needs, whether for animal bedding, mulching, or other applications. This adaptability ensures that the machine can serve a wide range of agricultural operations.

Moreover, PHAN TAN prioritizes durability and reliability in its machinery. The PT-CR57.1 is constructed with high-quality materials and components, built to withstand the rigors of continuous fieldwork. Its robust build reduces maintenance costs and ensures a long service life.

The PHAN TAN PT-CR57.1 has a powerful baling mechanism, user-friendly design, versatility in bale size, and robust construction making it an invaluable asset for farmers and straw producers looking to improve the efficiency and quality of their baling operations. PHAN TAN’s commitment to excellence in <a href=”https://grainsco.com/agricultural-machinery/”>agricultural machinery</a> is evident in creating straw baler, making it a trusted choice for those in the agricultural industry, striving for efficient and reliable straw baling solutions.

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