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Automatic Flow balancer

The BUHLER MZAL automatic flow balancer optimizes grain processing by automatically adjusting flow rates, ensuring consistent product quality.

BUHLER MZAL Automatic Flow Balancer Processing Machine

BUHLER MZAL Automatic Flow Balancer

The BUHLER MZAL automatic flow balancer uses advanced flow control technology to ensure precise and consistent flow rates of grain. It maintains the quality and efficiency of the milling process, making it an essential tool in the highly competitive food industry.

The MZAL is adept at handling various types of grains and milling products, allowing for a flexible and adaptable milling operation. This versatility is crucial for millers looking to cater to diverse market demands and adapt to changing grain characteristics, thus maintaining a competitive edge in the dynamic milling industry.

Its ability to precisely control and balance material flow results in a more efficient milling process, reducing waste and increasing yield. This efficiency is essential for optimizing operational costs and maximizing profitability in milling operations.

The BUHLER MZAL represents a significant innovation in grain milling technology. Combining advanced flow control technology, versatility, efficiency, and a commitment to sustainability, it stands as an essential tool for modern milling operations.

Gravimetric proportioning.

The MZAL automatic flow balancer allows the flow rate of a free-flowing stream of product to be maintained constant regardless of the specific gravity or variations in the moisture content of the product. The required throughput is specified by entering the value directly on the control unit or by remote control via a process control system equipped with the appropriate serial or analog (option) interfaces.

The advantages at a glance:

Gravimetric proportioning from a solid stream of product for:

  • Constant throughput rate
  • Fast and precise automatic control system
  • User-friendly electronics
  • Integrated monitoring the low level and the proportioning gate
  • Easy and fast weight alignment
  • Low building height requirement
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