• CLAAS JAGUAR 800 Forage Harvester Play
  • CLAAS JAGUAR 800 Forage Harvester
  • CLAAS JAGUAR 800 Forage Harvester
  • CLAAS JAGUAR 800 Forage Harvester
  • CLAAS JAGUAR 800 Forage Harvester
  • CLAAS JAGUAR 800 Forage Harvester
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CLAAS JAGUAR 800 | Forage Harvester

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The driving force of your harvesting team.

Quality that sets standards. Performance that has no equal. Comfort and user-friendliness that meet your every need. An uncompromisingly reliable forage harvester machine: the CLAAS JAGUAR 800 series.

CLAAS JAGUAR 800 Forage Harvester

The benefits for you.

  • Maximum throughput with low power consumption.
  • Powerful and reliable.
  • Precise and proven.
  • Delivers top-quality results
  • SHREDLAGE for quality milk and meat.
  • Fast and reliable crop discharging.
  • All additives are dosed precisely.

CLAAS JAGUAR 800 Forage Harvester

The CLAAS JAGUAR 800 simplifies forage harvesting with its high-performance design. Known for its reliability, this durable forage harvester is a valuable tool for farmers and agricultural operators needing to gather crops quickly and efficiently. It features a powerful engine and high technology, ensuring accurate cutting and collecting of various forage crops like corn, grass, and wheat. The JAGUAR 800 provides an optimal working environment for operators with its user-friendly controls and comfortable cabin.

The benefits of the CLAAS JAGUAR 800 are numerous. Its high-speed processing enables farmers to swiftly harvest crops, lowering the time crops are exposed to outdoor conditions and minimizing exposure to weather risks. The machine’s advanced cutting technology consistently cuts crops, preserving their nutritional content and improving the overall quality of the forage. Also, the JAGUAR 800’s efficient engine and durable structure assist in cutting operating costs and extending its lifespan, resulting in greater value for the investment.

In terms of design, the CLAAS JAGUAR 800 has a sleek, modern appearance with practical features adapted to the needs of today’s agriculturists. It features a spacious, comfortable cabin with functional controls and great visibility, reducing operator fatigue during long working hours. The durable and easy-to-maintain components of the harvester ensure it remains operational season after season. Easily convertible parts and settings allow it to adapt smoothly to different types of crops and changing agricultural demands.

Experience the strength of modern technology that ensures superior forage cutting. Whether dealing with tough conditions or vast fields, the CLAAS JAGUAR 800 Forage Harvester delivers consistent, high-quality performance. Contact our team for further details on our products and to explore purchasing options.

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