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FTN1300 Endurance

NOGUEIRA FTN-1300 line comes with the facility of cutting the total area on all its equipment. This forage harvester is a versatile machine with excellent performance in both clean cultivation and intercropped crops. Additionally, it can navigate fields sown in rows to harvest in a linear or transversal manner.

This product already leaves the factory with rectangular saws, ideal for making an excellent cut with 1.3 mt of working width.

  • Discharge chute with hydraulic and long-range controls;
  • Support wheel with third hydraulic point;
  • Discharge chute with easy handling, designed in stainless steel, which helps in the launch of the product.
FTN-1300 NOGUEIRA Forage Harvester Farm Equipment

NOGUEIRA FTN-1300 Forage Harvester

The NOGUEIRA FTN-1300 features a strong and large-capacity system for harvesting forage. With a powerful engine and sharp cutting blades, it can effectively turn different forage crops, such as corn, sorghum, and grass, into finely chopped feed. This flexibility lets farmers meet the particular nutritional needs of their livestock, leading to improved digestion and nutrition.

The NOGUEIRA FTN-1300 has capability to change the cut length of the forage. This adaptability allows farmers to tailor feed sizes to their animals’ specific needs, promoting better eating habits and health.

The FTN-1300 is designed for comfort, offering a roomy and comfortable work area that lessens tiredness during long fieldwork hours. Easy-to-understand controls and a straightforward interface allow operators to easily check and adjust settings, leading to accurate and productive forage harvesting.

NOGUEIRA’s machinery is built to last, with the FTN-1300 made from top-notch materials and parts to endure the continuous work in the field. This emphasis on durability means less maintenance time and cost savings for farmers in the long run.

The NOGUEIRA FTN-1300 is a powerful forage harvester engine, versatile cutting mechanism, operator-friendly design, and robust construction make it an invaluable asset for farmers seeking to enhance the efficiency and quality of their forage harvesting operations. NOGUEIRA’s commitment to excellence in agricultural machinery is evident in the FTN-1300, making it a trusted choice for livestock and dairy farmers worldwide.

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