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Fluidized Bed Dryer

  • The RICEMASTER FB-T SERIES Fluidized Bed Dryer is best for high moisture content grain (above 20%) in short time (4-6 mins).
  • Even moisture content grain output by fluidizing with completely mixed flow.
  • Most eggs & insect, killed by thermal shock.
  • Less power required by 3 injection fans.
  • More user-friendly by automatic control feed rate according to moisture content.
  • More safety operation by auto temperature control and feed control


The RICEMASTER FB-T SERIES fluidized bed dryer offers a cutting-edge solution in agricultural processing technology, specifically engineered to efficiently and uniformly dry grains like rice, wheat, and other cereals. The agricultural industry, especially milling operations, holds this series in high esteem because the drying process is crucial for maintaining grain quality and ensuring longevity.

The FB-T SERIES dryers use advanced engineering and high-quality materials to create a robust and durable design that withstands the demands of continuous industrial use. These dryers rely on fluidized bed drying, where hot air passes through a bed of grains, suspending them and making them act like a fluid. This method provides even heat distribution and quick drying, reducing the risk of overheating and grain damage.

The RICEMASTER FB-T SERIES fluidized bed technology facilitates quick and even drying, which is essential for preserving the nutritional value and quality of the grains. This efficiency translates into reduced energy consumption and lower operational costs, making it an economically viable option for large-scale grain processing.

The FB-T SERIES is designed for user-friendliness and ease of operation. It features automated control systems that allow precise regulation of temperature and airflow, ensuring optimal drying conditions. This automation reduces the need for constant manual supervision and makes the drying process more consistent and reliable.

Safety is a key aspect of the FB-T SERIES design. The dryers are equipped with multiple safety features to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of the operating personnel. These features adhere to stringent safety standards, providing peace of mind for industrial users.

The RICEMASTER FB-T SERIES Fluidized Bed Dryer is a sophisticated, high-performing, and intuitive solution designed for the grain processing industry. It offers an economical and secure method for preserving agricultural goods.

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