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NOGUEIRA EN-12 are sales leaders in their class and are available in several versions. This silage filler and chopper features powerful chopping rotors equipped with special knives, ensuring precise and fast chopping. It efficiently processes several types of forage, including sugarcane, maize, sorghum, and grass, for daily animal feed and silo preparation.

The chopping mechanism’s transmission and adjustment operate through easily changeable and maintainable pinions. It offers five size options: 4, 6, 8, 16, and 22 mm.

Their feeding systems use a pick-up roller to gently and precisely guide forage to the chopping rotor for processing. The models come in various versions, including easel, base for electric motor, and engine. The EN 12 model has a variant for attaching to a tractor’s three-point hitch, enhancing the equipment’s farm mobility.

NOGUEIRA EN-12 Sillage Filler and Chopper Farm Equipment

NOGUEIRA EN-12 Silage Filler and Chopper

The NOGUEIRA EN-12 is a silage filler and chopper equipped with high-quality blades and a powerful motor. This machine chops crops and forage, such as corn, sorghum, and grass, efficiently into the ideal size for silage preparation. This precision cutting ensures that the resulting silage is of consistent quality, promoting better livestock nutrition and health.

One of the standout features of the NOGUEIRA EN-12 is its user-friendly interface and controls. Farmers can easily adjust the chopper’s settings to accommodate different crops and desired silage lengths, making it highly adaptable to various farming needs. Additionally, the machine’s robust construction and durability ensure a long service life, making it a wise investment for agricultural operations of all sizes.

The EN-12 is designed with safety in mind, featuring protective shields and safety mechanisms to prevent accidents and injuries during operation. This commitment to safety underscores the NOGUEIRA’s silage filler and chopper dedication to the well-being of farmers and their workers.

The NOGUEIRA EN-12 silage filler and chopper is an advanced agricultural tool that streamlines silage production, improves silage quality, and enhances overall farm efficiency. Its precision cutting, user-friendly controls, and focus on safety make it a valuable asset for farmers looking to optimize their silage production processes. With NOGUEIRA’s reputation for quality and innovation, this chopper stands as a testament to its commitment to advancing agriculture for a sustainable and prosperous future.

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