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Our all-in-one BUHLER DS-C rice color sorter, designed to meet domestic and export quality standards. Suitable for sorting all varieties of rice, the DS-C removes any defective kernels and foreign matter, including plastic, glass, stones, paddy and foreign seeds.

BUHLER DS-C Color Sorter Processing Machine

BUHLER DS-C Color Sorter

The BUHLER DS-C is a color sorter with a flexible, effective system for diverse food and agriculture needs. Its advanced sensors and algorithms precisely identify and remove flawed particles.

The DS-C color sorter offers customizable sorting options, allowing businesses to sort products based on various parameters such as color, size, shape, and material composition. This flexibility is pivotal in ensuring that only high-quality, safe, and uniform products reach consumers.

The DS-C color sorter features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to adjust and monitor sorting settings, leading to smoother operations and improved efficiency. Its strong build guarantees reliability and longevity, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

The DS-C color sorter highlights Buhler Group’s dedication to sustainability. Removing defective or contaminated particles from the production line cuts down on waste and enhances product quality, aiding in a more sustainable and efficient production process.

The BUHLER DS-C empowers businesses to deliver superior products while optimizing their operations. This color sorter represents the forefront of optical sorting, reaffirming Buhler’s reputation as a trailblazer in delivering solutions to the market.

Key benefits

Brand protection

Consistent delivery of the cleanest product, a concentrated proportion of rejected material and the highest bagging throughput despite varying levels of contamination of the raw material – reducing the risk of financial penalties and product returns.

Quality sorting for domestic and export markets

Ability to maximize revenue streams and turnover by tailoring your sorting system to meet the required standards.

Designed for reliability

Developed using DfR (Designed for Reliability) methodology for longevity, providing you with many years of consistent performance.

Highlight features:

Flexible sorting configurations

Quadrijet sorting

A fourth sorting pass to maximize your rice yield and reject concentration. Alternatively, the fourth pass can be used for a separate sorting function, e.g. sorting broken rice.

Maximum yields, minimum waste

SortJet ejection system

SortJet ejectors provide unparalleled accuracy and efficiency for the removal of up to 99.9% foreign matter and defects with virtually zero good product ultimately rejected. Includes a five year warranty against ejector failure (terms & conditions apply).

Simplifying sorting


The 15-inch screen features an all-new interface designed for quick and easy user operation enabling you to achieve your desired sorting quality.

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