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The BUHLER DRWD whitens rice using a grinding rotor and screen arrangement. It is designed to produce high yields of head rice and a consistent quality of rice. It also has low energy consumption.

BUHLER DRWD Whitener Processing Machine


The BUHLER DRWD has an impressive level of efficiency with an innovative airflow system, which effectively cools and removes bran during the whitening process. This not only enhances the quality of output but also improves operational efficiency. As a bonus, the machine’s energy-efficient performance is in line with BUHLER’s commitment to sustainability in grain processing.

The BUHLER DRWD uses advanced abrasive techniques, it effectively removes the bran layer from rice grains, ensuring an even and gentle whitening process. This results in rice with a consistent texture and enhanced visual appeal, crucial factors for the competitive rice market. The efficiency of the DRWD in producing high-quality milled rice underscores BUHLER’s expertise in milling technology.

The BUHLER DRWD handles the continuous demands of a commercial milling environment, offering long-lasting performance and reliability. The design of the DRWD makes maintenance and cleaning simple, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

The BUHLER DRWD is a top-notch whitener machine for rice millers who want a reliable and flexible whitening solution that sets new standards in grain processing.

Key benefits

Cost-efficient rice processing

The SuperWhite whitener is part of our SuperLine range, designed for cost-effective rice processing. It has a compact milling chamber, processing a high capacity of rice in a small space. This helps save energy and costs.

Airflow and shape – designed to prevent residues

Pneumatic systems continuously suck out bran and convey it to the central bran collection point. The aspiration chamber is round, formed by two stainless steel doors. The shape of the housing maintains an even airflow. All this helps avoid residues.

Designed for easy operation and maintenance

The SuperWhite is designed with easy access to the whitening chamber. You can move the frames and all the breaks simultaneously, by turning just a hand wheel.

Highlight features:

Flexible control

Take control over your whitening process

The SuperWhite DRWB is available with three brakes bars. You can adjust these simultaneously, even while the machine is operating. The brakes are fixed to the screen, so you can move the whole assembly by adjusting the brakes with a hand wheel. There is also a scale so you can set the whitening pressure precisely.

Higher yields

Special airflow to prevent damaged rice

Rice kernels often get damaged during a pressurized whitening process. This is because the temperature rises, making the rice more fragile. This can lead to a loss in yield. Our SuperWhite DRWB whitener is different. Its design features a special airflow, which minimizes the increase in temperature. This helps prevent damage to the rice and increase yields.

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