• BUHLER DRHE-DRSD Huller & Husk Separator Grain Processing Equipment

BUHLER DRHE-DRSD | Huller & Husk Separator

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The BUHLER DRHE-DRSD is a huller and husk separator machine that removes hulls and husks from grains to ensure high-quality products.

BUHLER DRHE-DRSD Huller & Husk Separator Grain Processing Equipment

BUHLER DRHE-DRSD Huller & Husk Separator

The BUHLER DRHE-DRSD is primarily used for hulling and separating husks from a variety of grains such as rice, barley, wheat, and more. Its robust design ensures long-lasting performance even in demanding environments, making it an excellent investment for farmers, millers, and food processors.

The DRHE-DRSD husk separator efficiently removes the tough outer husk while minimizing damage to the underlying grain. This ensures high-quality end products with minimal wastage. The machine is also equipped with an advanced husk separation system that efficiently separates the husks from the hulled grains, resulting in clean, ready-to-process grain.

The BUHLER DRHE-DRSD is designed with a user-friendly interface that allows operators to adjust settings easily, while its durable construction minimizes downtime and maintenance costs. Safety features are also integrated to ensure operator protection during operation.

The DRHE-DRSD is a top-of-the-line solution for hulling and husk separation in the grain processing industry. With its advanced technology, efficiency, and durability, it helps businesses improve their productivity and product quality while reducing operational costs.

Key benefits

Uniform and efficient product distribution

The hull separator unit is compact and has a closed circuit airflow, which distributes the product across the separating zone. This ensures even product distribution.

Touch pad control and display panel

The TopHusk has a user-friendly touch pad to control the feed rate, degree of hulling and manual discharge of the vibro feeder. The control system also shows the machine’s status and error messages so you can immediately adjust the system.

Consistent, high-capacity hulling

The TopHusk has an automatic hulling pressure switch. This keeps hulling consistent, even if the roller temperature changes. It can hull a high throughput of rice, between 3 to 7 tons per hour.

Highlight features: High operating performance

The TopHusk accurately separates rice husks and eliminates a third fraction

A huller’s performance depends on how it feeds paddy between the rollers. That is why we use pre-acceleration via a chute. The feeder device gently guides each grain precisely between two rubber rollers. This is designed for minimum breakage even at a high throughput.

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