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The BUHLER DRGA is a rotosort drum thickness grader that grades rice, paddy, and granular products into two fractions. It is designed for low maintenance, its sieves and running speed are easily adjustable.

BUHLER DRGA Thickness Grader Grain Processing Equipment

BUHLER DRGA Thickness Grader

The BUHLER DRGA is a flexible and highly effective thickness grader equipment designed for various uses within the food processing sector. Its reputation for excellence makes it the top choice for businesses aiming for precision and consistency in their products.

The BUHLER DRGA has a thickness measurement system that gives exact control over product thickness, making sure everything is even and meets high standards. This accuracy helps producers keep product quality high while getting the most out of their yield.

The DRGA features user-friendly controls and robust construction that minimize downtime and maintenance costs. Buhler’s dedication to innovation and quality is clear in every part of this equipment, making it a valuable tool for food processors looking for efficient solutions for thickness grading.

The BUHLER DRGA empowers businesses to enhance their product quality while streamlining their processes. This thickness grader sets the benchmark for accuracy and reliability.

Key benefits

Modular design

The Rotosort comes in modules, allowing you to assemble your system exactly to the size and production capacity you require for your rice processing.

Speed adjustment

Adjust the revolutions of the screening drum to obtain the separation of rice and paddy you need. Simply adjust the gearmotor to the level you require.

Designed for low maintenance

The Rotosort features nylon gears designed for long-lasting durability. A nylon brush actively cleans the entire length of the drum, keeping the sieve openings clear. The slip-free and maintenance-free timing-belt drive ensures low maintenance requirements.

Highlight features: Screen changes

Designed for fast screen changes

The Rotosort drum grader features a shaftless drive and changeable screens. Its large openings make changing
the screens easy and fast.

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