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Rice Optical Sorter-DA MultiVision

The BUHLER DA MultiVision is a color sorter machine designed to sort grains, pulses, spices, seeds, plastics and peanuts. Its color cameras spot subtle defects and tiny spots, allowing targeting of color flaws and foreign matter for top-quality products.

BUHLER DA Color Sorter Processing Machine

BUHLER DA Color Sorter

The BUHLER DA is a flexible, efficient color sorter tailored for the varied needs of food processing and agriculture. Its accurate optical sensors and advanced sorting system help it detect and remove flawed or contaminated particles with exceptional accuracy.

The DA includes its customizable sorting capabilities, allowing businesses to sort products based on color, size, shape, and even material composition. This flexibility is particularly valuable in ensuring that only high-quality, safe, and uniform products reach the market.

The BUHLER DA color sorter has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to adjust and monitor sorting settings, enhancing operational efficiency. Its sturdy construction ensures reliability and longevity, cutting down on downtime and maintenance costs.

The DA removes defective or contaminated particles from the production line, reducing waste and improving product quality, thus supporting a more sustainable and efficient production process.

The BUHLER DA enables businesses to produce high-quality products while improving their processes. This color sorter marks a new phase in optical sorting, strengthening Buhler’s status as a leader in bringing advanced solutions to the market.

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