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The BUHLER AVPH mist polisher has taken rice surface finish and brightness to a new level of perfection as never before. Buhler’s expertise in rice milling solutions remains unmatched and keeps you well ahead of your competitors.

  • High throughput capacity
  • High Glossy finish
  • Low breakage
  • Low power consumption
  • Long life of wear parts
BUHLER AVPH Mist Polisher Processing Machine

BUHLER AVPH Mist Polisher

The BUHLER AVPH, a mist polisher, is known for its flexibility and adaptability. It can efficiently handle different varieties of rice, adjusting to various degrees of whiteness required by the market. This adaptability makes the AVPH an essential tool for rice processors aiming to cater to diverse consumer preferences and international quality standards.

The AVPH sprays a fine mist of water on the rice as it polishes. This not only makes the rice look shinier and more appealing but also helps keep its nutritional value. BUHLER carefully controls the mist to ensure even polishing and minimal breakage, demonstrating its dedication to quality.

The BUHLER AVPH is a mist polisher machine designed to use energy and water efficiently, showing BUHLER’s commitment to sustainability. This efficiency not only cuts operational costs but also supports worldwide efforts to lessen the environmental impact of food processing.

The AVPH is sturdy, easy to maintain, and built for non-stop use in tough industrial settings. Its high-quality build and easy access for cleaning and maintenance lead to steady performance and little downtime.

The BUHLER AVPH is a standout tool in the grain processing industry. Its innovative mist polishing technology, flexibility, efficiency, and sturdiness make it a crucial resource for rice millers. The AVPH represents BUHLER’s continuous commitment to providing advanced, sustainable, and quality-focused solutions in grain processing.

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