• BUHLER AVHE-DRSD Huller & Husk Separator Grain Processing Equipment

BUHLER AVHE-DRSD | Huller & Husk Separator

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The BUHLER AVHE-DRSD is designed to be powerful and reliable – TopHusk™, the new compact huller and husk separator from Buhler is a perfect fit in your modern rice mill. TopHusk™ is well equipped to give your milling process a head start.


  • High head rice yield
  • High hulling degree
  • High capacity
  • Accurate husk separation
  • Consistent outlet product quality
  • Easy maintenance
BUHLER AVHE-DRSD Huller & Husk Separator Grain Processing Equipment

BUHLER AVHE-DRSD Huller & Husk Separator

The BUHLER AVHE-DRSD features an advanced hulling mechanism that gently and effectively separates the outer husk or hull from grains like rice, barley, and oats. This process ensures the retention of only high-quality, clean kernels, free from unwanted impurities. By doing so, the machine significantly enhances grain quality and ultimately boosts the market value of the end product.

The AVHE-DRSD can handle various types and sizes of grains, making it an indispensable tool for industries such as rice milling, cereal production, and food processing. Its adaptability enables it to meet the specific requirements of diverse agricultural and industrial applications.

The AVHE-DRSD also features intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface that simplify operation and monitoring, enhancing overall efficiency. Operators can easily adjust settings and oversee the hulling process, minimizing downtime and errors.

The AVHE-DRSD uses high-quality materials and components, designed to endure the demands of continuous grain processing operations. Its construction ensures a long service life and reduces maintenance costs for industrial facilities.

The BUHLER AVHE-DRSD huller & husk separator is an essential tool for modern grain processing needs. With innovative technology, an intuitive layout, and sturdy construction, it is the preferred option for industries across the globe seeking top-notch grain hulling and husk separation solutions.

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