• ARION 400 CLAAS Tractor Farm Machinery Play
  • ARION 400 CLAAS Tractor Farm Machinery
  • ARION 400 CLAAS Tractor Farm Machinery
  • ARION 400 CLAAS Tractor Farm Machinery
  • ARION 400 CLAAS Tractor Farm Machinery
  • ARION 400 CLAAS Tractor Farm Machinery
  • ARION 400 CLAAS Tractor Farm Machinery
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CLAAS ARION 400 (110-130HP) | Tractor

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One for all.

This CLAAS Arion 400 tractor is tried-and-tested farm machinery technology in a compact, modern design combined with optimum comfort and first-class ergonomics.

ARION 400 CLAAS Tractor Farm Machinery

The benefits for you.

  • Joystick for operating two electronic spool valves and the gearbox
  • Rear linkage with vibration damping
  • QUADRISHIFT transmission with QUADRACTIV powershift unit
  • Automatic PTO engagement/ disengagement
  • Max. 98 l/min hydraulic output

CLAAS ARION 400 Tractor

The CLAAS ARION 400 series, with a power range of 110-130HP, shines in today’s farming world. Built for flexibility, this tractor works well for various agricultural duties, including fieldwork and transport. Furthermore, CLAAS, known for its high standards and creative designs, has made this tractor to offer great comfort, efficiency, and performance. This series of tractors features cutting-edge technology that makes tasks easier and boosts productivity.

The CLAAS ARION 400 features its very efficient engine. With a power range of 110 to 130HP, it offers an ideal mix of strength and fuel savings. This tractor comes with an advanced transmission system, which guarantees easy and quick control under any situation. Additionally, CLAAS has incorporated intelligent farming technology into this tractor, improving its use and making it an important tool for any farming activity.

The ARION 400’s design focuses on operator comfort and visibility. CLAAS understands the importance of ergonomics in modern tractors, and this is evident in the ARION 400’s spacious and user-friendly cabin. Every aspect, from the seat to the control layout, is designed to reduce operator fatigue and improve efficiency.

Furthermore, this tractor offers exceptional versatility. Its design allows for easy attachment of various implements, making it suitable for a range of tasks, from plowing and seeding to harvesting and hauling. The CLAAS ARION 400’s durability and reliability, trademarks of CLAAS’s commitment to quality, ensure that it can withstand the rigors of farm work while minimizing downtime.

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