Paddy Separator

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Paddy Separator

About Paddy Separator

A Buhler paddy separator is a machine in the rice milling process, specifically designed to separate brown rice from paddy, which refers to rice grains still in their husks. This step is vital for transforming paddy into consumable rice, ensuring the quality and purity of the final product.

The separator works by leveraging differences in specific gravity and surface texture between paddy and brown rice. Paddy grains, heavier and smoother, are separated from the lighter, rougher brown rice through this mechanism.

Comprising a series of inclined trays that oscillate, the machine sorts grains by causing them to stratify. Paddy moves upwards due to its density and smoothness, while brown rice moves downwards, facilitating efficient separation.

This separation is essential for several reasons. It not only improves the rice's overall yield and quality by removing unhusked grains but also enhances milling efficiency. The presence of paddy among brown rice can impede the milling process and damage equipment.

Modern paddy separators are advanced, and designed to manage large volumes with precision and minimal loss. They are integral to rice mills, significantly contributing to producing clean, high-quality rice. By effectively separating paddy from brown rice, these machines play a key role in global rice production, satisfying both producers' and consumers' demands for superior rice products. This concise overview underscores the importance of paddy separators in the rice milling industry

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