Vertical Mixer

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Vertical Mixer

About Vertical Mixer

The NOGUEIRA vertical mixer stands as advanced farm equipment. It is designed to boost the preparation efficiency and quality of animal feed.
This vertical mixer stands out in NOGUEIRA's range of farm machinery. It mixes various feed ingredients into a consistent, homogenous blend, ensuring livestock receive balanced nutrition in every serving.

Built to last, the NOGUEIRA vertical mixer boasts a durable design capable of withstanding the daily rigors of farm use. Its vertical configuration offers a space-saving solution, perfect for farms with limited area, yet it doesn't compromise on mixing capacity. This setup guarantees the thorough blending of ingredients such as forages, grains, supplements, and minerals, efficiently using space and power.

The mixer works by lifting materials with a vertically aligned auger or screw, then dropping them through the mix, creating a folding motion that uniformly mixes the feed. This process produces feed with even nutrient distribution, texture, and moisture, essential for animal health and growth.

NOGUEIRA has also designed this vertical mixer with the user in mind. It features straightforward controls, requires low maintenance, and adjusts easily to different feed components. Farmers can tailor mixing times and speeds to specific feed recipes, adding versatility to livestock feeding routines.

In essence, the NOGUEIRA vertical mixer is a crucial asset for contemporary farming operations, offering an effective solution for high-quality livestock feed preparation. Its blend of efficiency, durability, and adaptability makes it a smart investment for farmers aiming to enhance their feed preparation and boost their livestock's nutritional intake.

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