Mist Polisher

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Mist Polisher

About Mist Polisher

A Buhler mist polisher specializes in improving the appearance and quality of milled rice within the rice milling industry. It comes into play after whitening when rice grains typically exhibit a slightly rough and dull surface. This polisher gives the rice a smooth, glossy finish, enhancing its marketability and appeal to consumers.

During the polishing stage, the machine applies a fine mist of water. It mainly consists of a rotating drum or cylinder lined with a polishing material. As rice grains travel through the polisher, it sprays them with a controlled water mist. This moisture, along with the polisher's mechanical action, buffs the rice grains' surface, smoothing any roughness and eliminating residual bran dust.

This process boosts the rice's visual appeal with a shiny finish and improves its cooking quality. Polished rice often presents a better texture and flavor when cooked, significantly impacting consumer satisfaction.

The mist during polishing has several benefits. It minimizes grain breakage, leading to a higher yield of whole grains. Moreover, the controlled moisture levels avoid excessive rice drying, which can cause cracking and more breakage.

In essence, the mist polisher stands as an essential tool in grain processing, adding the final enhancement to milled rice. It boosts both the rice's appearance and cooking qualities, vital for meeting consumer expectations and market standards. By adding value to the rice product, the mist polisher enables rice millers to gain a competitive edge in the market.

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