Length Grader

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Length Grader

About Length Grader

Lamico length grader machine sorts grains by length, ensuring uniformity and quality in rice, wheat, and barley for improved marketability. Its main function is separating broken from whole grains, boosting final product marketability and appeal to consumers.

The machine works by using a series of cylindrical indented drums or rotating cylinders. Grains pass through cylinders; shorter, broken grains fall into indentations, while longer, whole grains pass over, effectively sorting by size. This method effectively sorts and grades grains based on their physical length.

Length grader machines are precise and efficient, handling large grain volumes and ensuring high throughput in processing plants. You can adjust the size and number of cylinders based on the specific requirements of the grain, making the machine versatile for different applications.

This grading is crucial not only for aesthetic reasons, where uniformity signifies quality, but also for practical reasons in further processing stages. Uniform grain size guarantees consistent cooking quality for rice and optimal milling results for wheat and barley.

In summary, length graders are vital in the agricultural processing industry. They improve product quality by effectively separating broken grains from whole ones, ensuring uniformity and high standards in grain products. This sorting process is essential for meeting consumer expectations and maintaining efficiency in grain processing operations, making length graders an indispensable tool in the industry.

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