LAMICO Rice Machines

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  • LAMICO RH SERIES Paddy Husker Processing Machine
    Paddy Husker

    LAMICO Rice Machines RH SERIES

    This paddy husker by LAMICO is a high-performance processing machine that offers efficient husking and precise processing capabilities.

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  • LAMICO RW SERIES Rice Whitener
    Rice Whitener

    LAMICO Rice Machines RW SERIES

    This Lamico rice whitener is a grain processing equipment designed based on the friction between the rice screen and abrasive stone to remove a thin layer of bran.

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  • LAMICO RP SERIES Rice Polisher
    Rice Polisher

    LAMICO Rice Machines RP SERIES

    This Lamico rice polisher is a grain processing equipment combined with atomized water to remove bran from the surface of the rice and making it more shining.

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  • LAMICO RS SERIES Rotary Sifter
    Rotary Sifter

    LAMICO Rice Machines RS SERIES

    This Lamico rotary sifter is a grain processing equipment with a structure consisting of multiple sieves stacked together, used to separate materials into 2, 3, or 4.

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  • LAMICO LG SERIES Length Grader
    Length Grader

    LAMICO Rice Machines LG SERIES

    This Length Grader by LAMICO Rice Machines is a processing machine that delivers exceptional accuracy in sorting rice by length, ensuring uniformity and quality in output.

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LAMICO Rice Machines

About LAMICO Rice Machines

The Lamico rice milling machine marks a significant advancement in agricultural processing, tailor-made for the rice milling industry. This cutting-edge equipment meets the critical need for high-quality rice production, essential for over half the world's population. Its main function is to enhance rice quality by efficiently removing bran layers from paddy rice. It also polishes grains to improve their appearance, nutritional value, and shelf life.

The Lamico rice machine stands out due to its advanced technology, which minimizes grain damage and maximizes yield. It uses mechanical and pneumatic processes for accurate husk-kernel separation and bran removal through friction and atomized water. This approach not only produces cleaner, shinier rice but also preserves essential nutrients often lost in traditional milling processes.

Designed for user-friendliness and efficiency, the Lamico rice machine suits various scales of rice production, from small-scale farmers to large commercial mills. Its compact size and low energy consumption make it a compelling choice for producers aiming to boost their operation's sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Furthermore, the Lamico rice milling machine stands out for its durability and easy maintenance. High-quality materials ensure they can withstand continuous operation demands, reducing downtime and ensuring reliable production flow. The machine's easy-to-clean components are vital for maintaining rice quality and safety standards.

In conclusion, the Lamico rice machine revolutionizes the rice milling industry. Its advanced features not only guarantee high-quality rice production but also significantly enhance operational efficiency and sustainability. With global rice demand increasing, the Lamico rice machine emerges as an essential tool for meeting this challenge, supporting rice farmers and producers worldwide.

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