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  • LAMICO TM200 Sample Rice Whitener
    Sample Rice Whitener

    LAMICO Laboratory Equipment TM200

    This Lamico sample rice whitener is a compact, and user-friendly piece of grain processing equipment designed for whitening rice samples within a set time.

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  • LAMICO RH5M Sample Paddy Husker
    Sample Paddy Husker

    LAMICO Laboratory Equipment RH5M

    This Lamico sample paddy husker is a grain processing equipment specifically designed for husking chaff out of paddy, ensuring easy replacement and maintenance.

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  • LAMICO TG150 Sample Length Grader
    Sample Length Grader

    LAMICO Laboratory Equipment TG150

    This Lamico sample length grader is a grain processing equipment used for separating broken rice from head rice to yield finished products with 5% to 15% broken rice content.

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  • LAMICO DAR 2 Sample Grain Divider
    Sample Grain Divider

    LAMICO Laboratory Equipment DAR 2

    This Lamico sample grain divider is a grain processing equipment that is used for dividing grain sample into 2 parts which are equal in content and weight.

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  • LAMICO Grading Sieve
    Grading Sieve

    LAMICO Laboratory Equipment Grading Sieve

    This Lamico grading sieve is a grain processing equipment that efficiently separates broken rice through its mesh sieve ensuring precision in the grading process.

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  • LAMICO Separating Tray
    Separating Tray

    LAMICO Laboratory Equipment Separating Tray

    This Lamico separating tray is an innovative grain processing equipment used to separate broken rice through a hole sieve.

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LAMICO Laboratory Equipment

About LAMICO Laboratory Equipment

Lamico laboratory equipment offers advanced tools and instruments to meet modern laboratory demands with precision and reliability. Known for its reliability and cutting-edge technology, Lamico supports research, analysis, and diagnostics in various fields, including biology, chemistry, physics, and medical sciences.

Lamico supplies advanced equipment for complex biochemical analyses, detailed microscopic examinations, and precise measurements, enhancing laboratory work's accuracy and efficiency. Its lineup includes advanced spectrophotometers, microscopes, centrifuges, autoclaves, and incubators, all engineered for exceptional performance and reliability.

The company's commitment to innovation shines through in the smart features of its equipment. Many instruments feature digital interfaces, automation capabilities, and software integration, streamlining laboratory processes, reducing human error, and saving time. This digital integration simplifies complex equipment operations, allowing researchers to focus more on experiments and less on manual tasks.

Moreover, Lamico prioritizes quality and safety in designing its laboratory equipment. Rigorous testing ensures each piece meets global laboratory practice standards, making Lamico products effective and safe for sensitive environments.

Lamico stands out for its customer support and after-sales service, offering comprehensive training, maintenance, and repair to keep equipment performing at its best throughout its life.

In summary, Lamico laboratory equipment represents excellence in scientific research and analysis. With its innovative, high-quality, and reliable solutions, Lamico significantly advances scientific discovery and boosts laboratory efficiency worldwide.

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