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About Destoner

The Buhler destoner machine is a key innovation in grain processing. It effectively improves product quality and operational efficiency by removing stones and heavy impurities from grains like wheat, rice, and barley. This machine employs a sophisticated combination of fluidization, vibration, and gravity separation techniques to effectively separate heavier contaminants from grains.

Leveraging the principle of density separation, the Buhler destoner machine excels in sorting heavier materials from the grain mix. The process involves creating a fluidized bed where aided by vibration and airflow. The lighter grains rise to the top while heavier stones sink, facilitating their removal. This precise method of separation ensures the removal of stones, significantly improving the safety and quality of the output.

The destoner machine's compact, robust design prioritizes efficiency and sustainability, conserving space while ensuring durability and easy maintenance. Its straightforward operation minimizes the need for frequent adjustments, thereby reducing downtime and enhancing productivity across processing lines.

The Buhler destoner machine's adaptability suits different processing scales, from small farms to large milling plants, making it versatile. It can handle diverse types of grains and pulses, broadening its utility in the food processing sector.

In alignment with Buhler’s commitment to sustainability, the destoner machine aids in reducing waste and improving the environmental footprint of grain processing. It eliminates stone contamination risks and protects downstream equipment from potential damage, ensuring high operational standards and safeguarding investments.

Overall, the Buhler destoner machine embodies efficiency, innovation, and sustainability, playing an indispensable role in the grain processing industry by improving product quality and processing efficiency, while supporting eco-friendly practices.

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