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  • ARION 400 CLAAS Tractor Farm Machinery

    CLAAS ARION 400 (110-130HP)

    This CLAAS tractor is tried-and-tested farm machinery technology in a compact, modern design combined with optimum comfort and first-class ergonomics.

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  • ARION 600 CLAAS Tractor Farm Machinery

    CLAAS ARION 600 (135-165HP)

    This CLAAS tractor is one of the most versatile tractor farm machinery and has everything you could wish for from a machine that can tackle any task with confidence.

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  • Crop Tiger 40 CLAAS Harvester Farm Machinery

    CLAAS CROP TIGER 40 w/ M460 (76HP)

    This CLAAS harvester is a compact, efficient harvester farm machinery designed for optimal performance in various crops, enhancing productivity.

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  • Quadrant 4200 Evolution CLAAS Baler Farm Machinery


    This CLAAS baler machine is a high-performance farm equipment technology that excels in producing dense, perfectly shaped bales for efficient handling and storage.

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  • Rollant 520 CLAAS Baler Farm Equipment


    This CLAAS baler machine is a robust and reliable farm machinery under the toughest operating conditions have made the ROLLANT the best-selling silage baler in the world.

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  • CLAAS JAGUAR 800 Forage Harvester
    Forage Harvester


    This CLAAS forage harvester is a quality machine that sets standards where performance has no equal and has comfort and user-friendliness that meet your every need.

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CLAAS, a leading German agricultural machinery manufacturer, has become a global leader by producing innovative and high-quality farm equipment. August Claas founded the company in 1913, initially focusing on straw binders. Over time, this agricultural machinery has expanded and evolved its product range. This demonstrates a strong commitment to technological advancement and catering to the diverse needs of the agricultural sector.

The company is especially famous for its combine harvesters, which have significantly transformed agricultural practices. Farmers worldwide prefer CLAAS combine harvesters for their efficiency, durability, and advanced technology. These machines aim to maximize crop harvesting with minimal waste, ensuring high productivity in various conditions.

This agricultural machinery offers a broad selection of other agricultural machinery, including tractors, forage harvesters, balers, and telehandlers. Each piece of equipment is engineered with an emphasis on quality and performance. For example, CLAAS tractors are notable for their power, versatility, and ease of use, making them ideal for numerous farm tasks.

The company's dedication to innovation is clear in its ongoing investment in research and development. CLAAS consistently introduces new technologies and enhancements to its machinery, aiming to improve efficiency, user-friendliness, and environmental sustainability. This forward-thinking approach has reinforced CLAAS's status as a leader in the agricultural machinery industry.

Overall, CLAAS combines tradition, innovation, and quality, continuing to contribute significantly to modern agriculture and shaping the future of farming practices worldwide.

Shaping the Future of Agricultural Innovation and Technologies

25 Years of Service in Agricultural Industry