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BAUER stands out in irrigation and water management, starting in 1930 in Austria and growing from a small metal shop to a global leader in farm machinery. They offer a wide array of products and services for agriculture, wastewater management, and industrial uses.

The BAUER has cutting-edge irrigation technologies, including pivot and linear systems, hose reels, and sprinklers. These systems aim to use water efficiently, boost crop yields, and lessen farming's environmental footprint. Their solutions work well across different terrains and climates, fitting farms big and small.

BAUER also creates advanced systems for treating and recycling wastewater, underscoring its dedication to sustainability and protecting the environment. These systems are vital for communities and industries aiming to save water and cut pollution.

Innovation, quality, and customer service drive BAUER's success. They invest in research and development to lead in technology, ensuring high performance and reliability in their products and services. Its global network offers outstanding support, helping customers meet their water management needs effectively.

BAUER provides top-notch solutions in irrigation and water management. Its focus on innovation, sustainability, and making customers happy has earned its trust worldwide from farmers, communities, and industries.

Shaping the Future of Agricultural Innovation and Technologies

25 Years of Service in Agricultural Industry