LOVOL RG108 PLUS Corn Harvester | Product Demo in Ifugao, Philippines

GRAINSCO recently hosted a product demonstration in the province of Ifugao. Local farmers and agricultural professionals gathered there to witness the capabilities of the Lovol RG108 PLUS Corn Harvester. This event showcased corn harvesting machinery and offered attendees direct engagement opportunities with the GRAINSCO team. We provided comprehensive brochures, informative seminars, and insightful discussions about the benefits of integrating such technology into their farming practices.

The demonstration emphasized the Lovol RG108 PLUS Corn Harvester’s efficiency and power, highlighting its potential to revolutionize Ifugao’s agriculture. Participants saw the corn harvester in action, learning how it could enhance productivity and streamline farm operations firsthand.

The GRAINSCO team took the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with the attendees. They assured them of GRAINSCO’s commitment to being a steadfast partner in innovating and strengthening the local agricultural economy. Through this collaborative effort, GRAINSCO aims to help Ifugao’s farmers not only improve their yields but also increase the sustainability and profitability of their agricultural endeavors.

The event was a significant step toward fostering a better understanding of modern agricultural techniques among the local farming community and showcasing the practical benefits of advanced agricultural machinery in enhancing crop production and efficiency.

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