GRAINSCO Joins Philsutech 2023

GRAINSCO will participate in the 69th PHILSUTECH Annual National Convention. The Waterfront Hotel & Casino in Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines, will host the event from August 22–25, 2023. This significant gathering aligns with GRAINSCO and CLAAS‘s joint initiative to promote environmentally sustainable practices in sugarcane farming. Specifically, it focuses on the adoption of Sugarcane Trash Baling.

The practice of burning sugarcane residue, which is prevalent among Filipino farmers, poses environmental hazards, contributing significantly to air pollution. Recognizing the urgent need for sustainable alternatives, GRAINSCO and CLAAS will showcase the CLAAS QUADRANT. They have designed this innovative solution to provide farmers with an economical and environmentally friendly option for managing sugarcane waste. This technology enables the efficient baling of sugarcane leaves, thus eliminating the need for open-field burning.

The Philsutech 2023 is calling upon all stakeholders in the sugar industry to join this critical initiative. This includes technologists, farmers, mill owners, traders, alcohol producers, and technical staff. The event aims to highlight cutting-edge agricultural technologies that promise to revolutionize the sugarcane industry, making it more competitive and sustainable. By attending, industry leaders will gain insights into advanced agricultural practices that can significantly reduce the environmental impact of traditional farming methods while enhancing productivity and profitability.

GRAINSCO and CLAAS are committed to leading the way in transforming the sugarcane sector into a model of sustainable agricultural development. This convention represents a unique opportunity for industry professionals to network, share knowledge, and explore innovations that align with the Philippines’ agricultural advancement and environmental conservation goals.

  • Booth #27 – CLAAS
  • Booth #28 – GRAINSCO

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