A Basic Demonstration of Drone Operation was Held in Davao del Sur City

Representatives from Grains Innovation and Solutions Co. Inc., led by Mr. Marwin Animo, provided a comprehensive orientation and demonstration on drone operation to participants of the Digital Farmers Program (DFP) 103 for Rice. The event took place at the Sto. Nino, New Clarin Communal Irrigators Association, located in Bansalan, Davao del Sur. Municipal Councilor Ponciano Salazar, Agriculturist Zaldy Zumangil, and Barangay Captain Gamil Portarcos attended the event.

Drone operation is a significant component of the DFP 103 for Rice. It is designed to educate farmers about the benefits of incorporating drone technology into their agricultural practices. Using drones in rice farming offers enhanced crop monitoring, precise pesticide and fertilizer application, and efficient field mapping. By leveraging these technologies, farmers can significantly increase their crop yields, optimize resource usage, and reduce overall labor costs.

During the demonstration, Mr. Animo and his team showcased the practical applications of drones in various farming tasks. They illustrated how drones could be used to monitor crop health, identify areas needing attention, and ensure even distribution of inputs. This technology not only aids in increasing productivity but also promotes sustainable farming practices by minimizing waste and ensuring precise application of resources.

The presence of local officials such as Municipal Councilor Salazar, Agriculturist Zumangil, and Barangay Captain Portarcos highlighted the community’s support for integrating modern technology into traditional farming methods. Their involvement underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in advancing agricultural practices and ensuring food security in the region.


Full credit is given to ATI Davao Region for both the text and photographs. The intention is to respect and acknowledge their contributions without violating any copyrights.

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